Mmmmm beans…

Who knew a simple bean salad could look (and feel) this good & healthy?!

{Southwestern Black Bean Salad at Snack the Planet}


Sonido, Melbourne

A tiny piece of South America in grungy Fitzroy St in Melbourne. There are individual tables, long wooden share tables as well as mini dining sets alfresco. Knick knacks on the wall, Fidel’s Cuba & bottle of Habanero on the tables.

The piece de resistance! The famous chocolate corona (traditional Colombian hot chocolate). It was so good we had two serves that came in little metal pitchers/jugs with a wooden stirrer (love!). I had the chocolate corona con queso – hot chocolate with cheese – just like the Colombians do. But clearly I didn’t know what to do with it? Was it supposed to have melted? Because it didn’t & I ended up eating it separately from drinking the cocoa. It had a subtle taste, more tofu than cheese.

We ordered two arepas and an empanada to share. Arepas are made from maiz or corn – we had the chorizo arepa & the arepa con huevo. I liked the cheese arepa better, it was juicy and filling while the chorizo arepa was a little bit dry. The empanada (also chorizo) was crunchy on the outside and unfortunately also dry on the inside. I suspect that it wasn’t freshly cooked. Mixing guacamole & tomato salsa on it made it a lot better.

Our veritable feast. Would I come back? Probably and I would order the popular Ropa Vieja which is the arepa with beef. Everyone & their dog in that restaurant were eating it. I would also come back for some more of that hot chocolate which is just perfect & not too sweet like usual cafe ones we have.

69 Gertrude St